Fayrouz Saad wants the employee market to be better and better every year

Fayrouz Saad is the founder and CEO of Michigan, a consulting firm that seeks to improve the employee market by increasing people‚Äôs awareness. She has discovered that there are six things that make a company great: internal communication, leadership skills, passion for the job, brand recognition and differentiation, diversity in culture and location. Fayrouz has made it her mission to […]

Fayrouz is a an economic development advocate, a community organizer, and a public servant

Fayrouz Saad, an economic development advocate who has had five different careers and a public servant, believes in the power of entrepreneurship. In her speeches, she discusses what entrepreneurs can do for their communities and the world. She is a Michigan-born public servant who has lived in Michigan her entire life. Fayrouz Saad is your typical millennial – she learned […]

Fayrouz Saad was born and raised in Michigan and has spent her career fighting for working families

Fayrouz Saad is an Arab-American who grew up in Michigan. Working families and unions have been some of her main advocacy causes. At the age of 22, Fayrouz Saad became the youngest person elected to the Michigan State House of Representatives after a campaign that focused on education, labor rights, and healthcare. As a co-founder of Michigan United and as […]