Fayrouz Saad was born and raised in Michigan and has spent her career fighting for working families

Fayrouz Saad was born and raised in Michigan and has spent her career fighting for working families

Michigan native Fayrouz Saad is a true champion of working families. Since the early days of her career, she has been fiercely dedicated to defending and advocating for the rights and interests of working people in her home state.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Saad began her political journey by interning with the Michigan Department of Human Services, where she worked to help low-income workers access economic security programs. She then served as an election official with the Detroit Election Commission, and then an equal opportunity specialist with the Michigan Office of Civil Rights. In 2018, Saad become the first Muslim woman to run for office in Michigan — and went on to win her campaign for a state house seat in District 11.

Since taking office, she’s made sure to prioritize issues that impact working people in Michigan. She’s introduced legislation that would expand Ohio’s Family and Medical Leave Act to require employers to offer 12 weeks of paid leave. She’s also worked on increasing access to sick pay, unemployment insurance benefits and raising wages for teachers throughout the state.

By fighting hard for issues like these, Saad is demonstrating her commitment to creating an environment that allows working people in Michigan to thrive. She hopes her work will create a better future — not only for people in Michigan, but also for people all over the country.

With her passion for civil rights and social justice, Saad is helping to make a real difference for working families across Michigan and beyond. We congratulate her on her amazing commitment to improving the lives of those around her, and wish her luck in all of her future endeavors.

Fayrouz Saad was born and raised in Michigan and has spent her career fighting for working families. While her parents sought out educational opportunities for their daughter, she also became passionate about creating a more equitable society that provided all individuals with access to the American Dream, regardless of social or economic backgrounds.

Saad quickly found herself leading the charge for positive change, advocating for workplace equity and a living wage that could provide families with more reasonable rents and other basic needs. She served as the Executive Director of the Arab-American Civil Rights League and was instrumental in strengthening Michigan’s civil rights laws to protect workers of all races, genders, and backgrounds.

Saad also championed campaigns to expand Medicaid access and pushed to enhance efforts requiring employers to provide paid sick leave. With her tireless efforts, Saad helped Michigan become one of the first states in the nation to expand Medicaid access under ObamaCare. Saad’s advocacy work also placed her in the national spotlight after she gave an inspiring speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

In May 2018, Saad was elected to a seat in Michigan’s State House of Representatives, making history as the first Muslim-American woman to do so. In her role as state representative, Saad will continue her fight for working families across Michigan, furthering her agenda for equality in services, education and pay scales that provide support for all citizens irregardless of class or racial background.

As one of only two U.S.-born Arab-American members of Congress, Saad’s accomplishments are astonishingly inspiring as she continues to break ground and make history. Given her long record of advocating on behalf of Michigan’s working families, it is clear that Fayrouz Saad is well qualified to represent their interests in Lansing.